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China Sourcing & Manufacturing Services

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Commonly asked questions and answers about wholesale purchases from China.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find some answers here. If not, please contact us..

If you want to import from China but don’t know how to start? If you want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory is reliable? Trust is extremely crucial. Don't worry, we're here to help you.

Simply contact us, tell us which products you would like to purchase/create or what we can do for you.

We will help you with

  • Product Sourcing, cost evaluation
  • Product Sample, Customization,
  • Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance
  • Supplier verification

There are a lot of unknowns in China. Even if you feel you can trust a supplier, there will still be issues that need to be dealt with.

  1. We are in China, this is a different way of life and business, different culture, manners, behaviors.
  2. Professional agent knows how to control production quality, and substantially minimize your business risks! Overall, we assist, not compete with factories to reach customers.
  3. A lot of factories don't deal with buyers directly; they are represented by agents.
  4. Many factories do have their own export departments; however, you will notice that using a professional export agent is a lot more efficient than dealing with factories directly. When you try to find a product, you know that it could be made by many factories, not just one factory. Instead of searching them one by one, you can use a professional agent to bring you the right choice at once!

Alibaba is the biggest B2B sourcing platform in China, and many Chinese factories, trading companies even third level middlemen all have Alibaba shop. You never know if they're real or fake. This is the reason why we exist, to help you choose the right suppliers to ensure your high product quality in a very short time. Alibaba has a lot of companies, but there are many Chinese factories not on Alibaba.

Most sourcing companies just hop onto and fetch you 2-3 quotes, or even worse, they’ll just contact a supplier that they’ve worked with before. Our way of work is different. We spend hours finding the best suppliers for you from the start. Based on your unique requirements – price, MOQs, exclusive materials, quality, production turnarounds we contact 30+ factories, seeking out the best match for you.

The more we know about your product (dimensions, materials, special requirements, knowledge issues, and so on) the more accurate the quote will be. Ideally, 3D files along with material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful.

Not at all. Our process applies to absolutely any product category, and the blueprint for finding the perfect manufacturer is applicable to any type of manufacturer. We have experience in a breadth of different product fields such as fashion, homewares, construction/building supplies (flooring, windows, fasteners), civil infrastructure materials, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, industrial components, consumer electronics, furniture, children's garments, glassware, packaging, custom molded plastics so much more. We can find absolutely any product throughout China as long as it actually exists!

None, otherwise we would collapse as a company. We never take any commissions from the factory, we work for you. We are an extension of your company. We do an organic search for every single project-based on your requirements. You get better results this way, and we have no obligation or requirement to be to the manufacturers if they make any mistakes. I want to be very clear on that point: We work only on your behalf and in the pursuit of your best interests, and not the factories.

We base our recommendations off a combination of factors: How suitable they are to your exact requirements (product, MOQ, price, quality, certifications). We assess our overall experience in communicating with them (responsiveness), displayed competence, export experience, factory size, their other customers (if they share the names), production time, the state of their factory facilities, and our general feel throughout each of our interactions with them.

Yes, we can. We work on your behalf to bargain the price, sign the contracts, check the quantity and quality, etc.

Yes, of course. We support our customers no matter on the size of your order.
For some products, the suppliers have their MOQ, then our MOQ is based on theirs.
The more you order, the cheaper price that you can get.

Yes, of course, actually most of the customers would like us to operate shipping for them. We provide various shipping services for customers, and we can get a better shipping price for you. We can suggest you a proper shipping way based on your order weight and volume.

We offer sea shipping which could be suitable for full containers or less than one container load. Air cargo is also available(good choice for valuable but small volume products). Sea shipping basic terms: EXW (Ex Works) Your forwarder needs to pick up cargoes in our warehouse and arrange delivery to your assigned place.
FOB (Free on Board) You need to pay the FOB shipping fee, which covers all costs to forward and load cargoes on board.
CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) You pay for the CIF shipping fee, which covers all costs to forward the port of your destination.