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Air shipping

Air shipping


International express

For shipping less than 200Kg common products, there’s almost no better choice than sending by international express.

International Express (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) is appropriate for high value products or products that need to be delivered to a certain location quickly. 95% of product samples and a small quantity of high-value goods are shipped via Express.


This is the fastest method of shipping between China and the United States or any other country. It's  appropriate for online sellers who are in a hurry to re-stock, like Amazon sellers.

You won’t have to bother about the custom clearance process, all you have to do is find an express company that gives you a reasonable quote and wait for the goods to be delivered to your door.


Dangerous goods, including products containing lithium batteries, powder and liquid are not allowed to be shipped by official FedEx, DHL, UPS...

It's usually more expensive than sea and air freight.

Air Freight

Usually, if you have over 500 kg of cargo, the choice of air freight is probably your best option.

Shipping via Air freight is a bit more complex and its import and export procedures are similar to the traditional sea freight.

It includes the following three steps:

  • Local logistics in China and export process.
  • Air shipping from Chinese airport to destination country airport.
  • Local logistics in destination country and import process. 

If your cargo is between 200 Kg and 500 Kg it's impossible to say which is the cheapest because Air freight prices changing all the time. It all comes down to real-time prices. There are also a lot of irregular reductions in international express shipping. For example, FedEx is cheaper than air freight if the plane of FedEx has much empty space left. 

Dimensional Weight VS Real Weight

Dimensional Weight = Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm)/5000.

Suppose that you have to send a 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm package weighing 10 kg.

What will be it’s dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight = 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm/5000=200 kg

Real Weight = 10 kg

Its dimensional weight is far larger than its actual real weight.

If the dimensional weight is greater than its real weight, charges apply depending on its dimensional weight value.

Air freight dimensional weight formula

Dimensional Weight = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/6000


Some freight forwarders or suppliers only quote you the price of shipping from the China airport-to-destination airport in order to attract you.
Obviously, such prices seem low at the beginning but there are hidden charges.

The price of air freight is changing on daily basis just like the express prices and it’s impossible to say which is cheaper.

Transit time

In general, FedEx IP(International Priority) takes 2-3 working days, and IE(International Economy delivery) takes 4-6 working days for USA and Europe. Air freight usually takes 4-7 days in total.

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