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Sourcing Products in China

Sourcing Products in China

We will meet your targets based on your specifications and requirements

Want to import products from China?

You can either buy from a wholesaler or manufacturer in your country, avoid the hassle to import to China, and pay an higher cost for your goods. Or you can learn how to import from China, and enjoy larger margins.

Finding suppliers in China is very easy, but finding qualified direct manufacturer suppliers requires an effective and well-structured search strategy. A good purchasing agent has a transparent approach to product search, putting product specifications and quality first.

As one of China's top suppliers, we can help you find factories, obtain competitive prices, monitor production, ensure quality and deliver products to your door. If you need to find a reliable and efficient provider and don't have time to waste on wrong type of provider or a long search. Don't worry we will help you.

  • our agent will guide you step by step, with no initial fee,
  • no experience needed

We provide a free consultation for any information related to import, export, compliance, certifications, etc.

Sourcing process of products from China, we have divided into five steps.


The first information we require from you is to tell us which products you would like.

  • Product you want to create/buy (name, description, size, color, photos/drawings/links will be helpful)

  • Is it an existing product?

  • An existing product with some adjustments?

  • Will it be a completely new product?

  • Desired quality standard (to be sold in high-end boutiques? On Amazon?)

  • Expected volume (number of pieces)

  • Expected product price per piece / target price
  • Have you already contacted some suppliers of this type of product?

  • Should we exclude them from our search?

  • Did you learn anything from them that would save us time?

  • In what country(or countries) will you sell this product?

Finding the best product or manufacturer with the best price is completely free of charge.

All you have to do is fill out request free quote form

Or tell us what you want to purchase in contact form


Based on your request we create a detailed specification of your requirements and send this out to multiple suppliers. We will contact many trusted manufacturers in China and get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements.

From the offers received, we select the most favorable one
We send you the best offer, including our fees.

If the offer suits you, we move on to the next step, production and purchasing. All this is totally free.

We may also send you other offers in order for you to make the right choice. 


If you like our offer, we will arrange for sample shipment.
The client is responsible for the costs of the sample and the shipment of a sample. 
We send you a sample of the product so that you may confirm the quality of a product.
If necessary to produce a new product, we start the production of molds and the first sample.
The client is responsible for the production costs of the mold and the initial sample.
After the production of the mold and the first sample, we send you a sample of the product so you can check a product's quality.
After the product has been confirmed, generally follows 30% prepayment.


Start of production according to your requests. 

Our agent coordinate with factories all the time, to ensure products are made according to your requirements. We keep tracking the production of the goods to ensure that the orders are completed on time. If there is any problem with the products in the production process such as product shortage, price hike, etc. we'll contact you and solve any potential problem. If you want your own packaging, such as custom barcode or printed logo, we will contact the supplier about the requirements, prepare samples for confirmation before production.

 STEP 5.

After production once again we inspect the products.

If we confirm that everything is fine, you can pay the other 70%.

According to your requirements we arranging customs clearance and shipping to your door.

You always get competitive shipping quote from us, no matter it’s courier service, sea freight or air freight. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us