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Direct Factory Supply

Get best price directly from factory. No hidden fee. Affordable prices along with our fast and friendly service places us at the top of the China sourcing agents.

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Quality Control

Your products are fully checked with full range of inspections. Our professional inspectors will notice defects and evaluate their category before delivery.

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Supplier Checks

We can help you to uncover the truth about a potential supplier. Interviewing them, fact-checking, and confirming that they’re a legitimate manufacturer who is capable of producing your order.

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Product Branding

The only way to become a leader in your niche and increase sales is to build a stable and recognisable brand around it. Product branding is an opportunity to differentiate your product and help it stand out.

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Product Development

There are many uncertainties and challenges which companies must face throughout the process. We are here to help and guide you through the complete process of creating a brand new product.

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Selling In China

As a foreign company looking to sell products in China, it can be quite challenging to grasp the legal requirements. International investors are unaware of some of the most basic legal requirements needed to sell in China. We can support you in marketing, research, importation and distribution.

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Export from China

Find the right product and company to meet your requirements.
You can either buy from a wholesaler or manufacturer in your country, avoid the hassle to import from China and pay an higher cost for your goods.
Or you can learn how to import from China, and enjoy larger margins.

Gabriel Group

Import In China

Have you ever considered selling your goods to China?
ls that even possible?
Yes, it can be done, and we can help you!
If you haven’t expanded into the Chinese market yet, you may be missing out on one of the world’s largest e-commerce economies.
Entering the Chinese market will open you up to an incredible number of potential customers.

Gabriel Group

Quick tutorial how to buy goods from China - Step by Step

The first step is to get an overview of your requirements and expectations.

  • What do you want to produce and what quantity?
  • Send to us your inquiry, including your product details, quantity, quality, size, color, etc.
  • Let us know how is the product to be used?
  • What is the expected standard and quality?
  • What previous issues have you faced?

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According to your needs, our agents collect bids from a number of suppliers.

  • We create a detailed specification of your requirements and send this out to multiple suppliers.
  • Follow up, review quotes and responses to ensure commodity prices and planned processes are reasonable.
  • We then select the best option based on a mix of price, performance, quality and our experience of the suppliers.
  • Among the offers received, we select the most favorable offer according to us.
  • We send you the best offer. If the offer suits you, then we move on to the next step.

Confirmation and pre-payment.

  • If you like our offer, we will organize the shipment of the sample.
  • We send you a sample of the product so that you may confirm the quality of a product.
  • If necessary to produce a new product, we start the production of molds and the first sample.
  • The customer is responsible for the production costs of the mould and the first sample.
  • After the production of the moulds and the first sample, we send you a sample of the product to confirm the quality of a product.
  • After product conformation, prepayment, usually 30% on confirmation of order.

Start production according to your requests.

Before production starts we repeat review process with the supplier and emphasize and ensure improvements made during sampling are implemented.
Production begins, and we do inspections during manufacturing such as:
  • Delays in completing the process,
  • Raw Material acquisition,
  • Process stages/steps.
Once production is finished, we do additional inspections such as;
  • Packaging/Secure transit,
  • Critical dimensions/specifications and
  • Shipping Marks.

Balance payment after production and shippment

  • We will check your goods once againg before shipment.
  • Payment of the remaining 70% after all is fine.
  • Arrange different shipping methods according to your requirements. Booking container or LCL or airlines.
  • Clear Customs and arrange shipment.
  • As soon as the pickup is done we monitor tracking information, customs clearance and schedule delivery to your desired location.


Aoluola International Trade Limited is part of Gabriel Group.

Gabriel Group is a China sourcing agent with over 10 years of experience working with manufacturers and suppliers in China to provide a stress-free import service.

Thanks to our expertise, you are in a position to focus on marketing and selling your products. Manage your business with the confidence that we will deliver your products on time, according to your specifications.

Take your business to the next level with us.

Our sectors

If you are interested in selling your products in China, or importing products from China or simply consulting, call us!
Our three sectors are import, export & consulting.
Each department has a great staff to support you.
If you need any aspect of the service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our goas

To get exactly what you asked for, in time and at the right price. We ensure your goods are delivered when you want them – all for the best price, quality, and lead time. We deliver ‘quality products' ‘as ordered' and ‘on time', believing in our goal of building a long-term partnership with you.


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